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An innovative collective of like-minded folks making useful
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TechThrive is an innovative technology solutions company. Our goal is to assist our clients with the development and implementation of advanced technological solutions to maximise business potential and help them thrive.

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Our main focus is on designing and developing Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the processing of the data generated by IoT devices.

We recognise that implementing new technologies like Internet of Things can become a tricky and scary place due to a lack of understanding of the requirements and the relative maturity levels of the technology.


We want to be a preferred choice for IoT implementations and to produce world-leading devices


To openly and honestly develop technological solutions that benefit businesses.

Our Solutions

Our value is about unlocking previously unknown information from our clients. We help our clients gather pertinent, reliable data from their business and analyse it using advanced predictive analytical models.

We offer a variety of sensors to measure, monitor and track an almost infinite number of “ordinary objects” within your business.

Our Key personnel

Gavin Levenstein


Gavin is a businessman – after building up a successful business and then selling it in October 2018 he decided to pursue some of his passions – technology.

Gavin uses technology at every turn to increase efficiency and reduce costs. He is a strategic thinker with over 15 years of practical business experience in consulting and professional services. He has a particular interest in implementing systems and technology to streamline operations and improve productivity. He believes that IoT systems and devices are the way of the future.

Andrew Meyerowitz

Technical Director

Andrew is an Electronic Engineer who spent 9 years designing devices and managing product development for a well known South African electronics manufacturer before leaving to start his own company. Andrew has developed devices from the ground up that have been deployed in large government hospitals, factories and small and large businesses and has sold millions of products internationally. His technical expertise and wealth of practical experience is well recognised.


10 000

Leaders Trained

25 000

IoT Devices per month

R1 billion+

Saved through enhanced efficiency.


Unique solutions