Technology to help you Thrive

Your business relies on data that are reliable, relevant, and real-time. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of Internet-enabled devices that allows an object or person to autonomously communicate back to a server to be monitored and analyzed. IoT devices can measure and track just about anything, including temperature, movement, location, and more. Using IoT devices can improve your business operations and advance your team’s capabilities through real-time, accurate monitoring.

We’re an innovative technology company focusing on IoT (Internet of Things) and their application to your home and office. Our solutions are geared towards remote location monitoring devices with a phenomenal battery life.

How we fit into the IoT ecosystem

We ensure our clients have the data they need to thrive! We design and manufacture micro electronic devices, source existing devices and implement them using software interfaces.

How we help

TechThrive is a business-minded solutions provider. We help our clients discover and manage internal "problems" in their business and solve them using accurate real-time data collection at the core of their operations. Our solutions focus on implementing data-collecting sensors which helps the business gain real-time information, save on manual work load and make informed decisions. We also provide smart reporting which gives businesses data managed insights or early warning systems.

Sensors and monitoring devices can be placed all-around your home or business. The resultant data becomes extremely useful in making decisions and managing your environment. We track via sensors the hard to reach areas using small devices with ultra-long battery life.

Experience the world from a different perspective

Welcome to a smart new world. A world where sensors can help you connect to the world and help make your personal and work life more fun, productive and manageable.

Valuable Tracking, Protect your loved ones, Find your pets, Live in comfort, protect your house and best of all from your PC or phone.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic."

~ Sir Arthur C. Clarke