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TechThrive is a technology company that specializes in the research and development of internet enabled battery-powered devices and data analytics that internet enabled sensors produce.

As an enabler of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, TechThrive designs devices from conceptualization right through to a final product. Our engineers are well equipped to design the hardware and firmware on IoT devices. Our data scientists prepare advanced analytical models displayed simply in user friendly dashboards.

IoT in the here and now

While IoT might be regarded as a future technology many applications are already available. Businesses of any size or households can already take advantage of IoT technologies. What is particularly nice about IoT is that each sensor has a vast range of use cases. E.g. The security industry commonly uses magnetic sensors to detect if a door is opened or closed. An individual uses the identical technology to detect a bicycle tire revolution (ie using a magnet on the spoke to work out speed and distance). In both instances the magnetic sensor technology has been around for decades, simply providing an internet connection expands the use case of the technology into the data sphere.

Since there are so many individual use cases for IoT technology and since those use cases can range from highly technical to very simple we can supply solutions to businesses and home alike and each of our solutions can be adjusted to suit your specific use case.

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Understanding our Technology

Understanding the technologies around IoT is as important as understanding what IoT can do for you. Why is IoT so important? It’s all about the data! Sensors have been around for decades and internet-enabled devices have been around for almost as long. The difference is that we have discovered the value of data and how to make that data work for us.

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