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TechThrive is a technology company that specializes in the research and development of internet enabled battery-powered devices and data analytics that internet enabled sensors produce.

As an enabler of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies, TechThrive designs devices from conceptualization right through to a final product. Our engineers are well equipped to design the hardware and firmware on IoT devices. Our data scientists prepare advanced analytical models displayed simply in user friendly dashboards.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic."

~ Sir Arthur C. Clarke

IoT in the here and now

While IoT might be regarded as a future technology many applications are already available. Businesses of any size or households can already take advantage of IoT technologies. What is particularly nice about IoT is that each sensor has a vast range of use cases. E.g. The security industry commonly uses magnetic sensors to detect if a door is opened or closed. An individual uses the identical technology to detect a bicycle tire revolution (ie using a magnet on the spoke to work out speed and distance). In both instances the magnetic sensor technology has been around for decades, simply providing an internet connection expands the use case of the technology into the data sphere.

Since there are so many individual use cases for IoT technology and since those use cases can range from highly technical to very simple we can supply solutions to businesses and home alike and each of our solutions can be adjusted to suit your specific use case.

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Understanding our Technology

Understanding the technologies around IoT is as important as understanding what IoT can do for you. Why is IoT so important? It’s all about the data! Sensors have been around for decades and internet-enabled devices have been around for almost as long. The difference is that we have discovered the value of data and how to make that data work for us.

  • Big Data

    Big data refers to a massive interrelated data set. Although no matter how comprehensive the data set is it only becomes useful to businesses when it is analyzed. This is where technologies like artificial intelligence or statistical analysis begin to become extremely useful. Essentially the data is processed programmatically. As the analytical model begins to mature patterns start to emerge. The bigger the data set the more reliable the pattern becomes which leads to possibly the most valuable business intelligence resource available – the ability to make an accurate prediction.

    How powerful is the ability to predict accurately? Advertising, machine maintenance or even resource allocation that was previously a hit or miss application can now be predicted with a level of accuracy that was once impossible. The results are nothing short of miraculous – the consequences, on the other hand, is the difference between billions in spend and the ability to target specific aspects of a business with pinpoint accuracy. Accurate predictions offer the opportunity to personalize every interaction with a business from its customers to its staff and even its machinery at a virtually non-existent additional cost when compared to traditional systems.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    How does this affect IoT? IoT exists in the most part because of the need to understand our world, not scientifically but analytically. IoT sensors get deployed all around our homes or businesses where they start gathering large quantities of data. Data that ultimately improves the quality of the pattern recognition models that helps create a dashboard to know and understand everything that’s happening around us. Ultimately so that we can make predictions about what is happening around us or better yet what is likely to happen around us to improve our business decision making.

    TechThrive occupies a unique niche in that we are able to design IoT sensor solutions, implement them and analyse the data.

  • Battery Powered

    Battery-powered remote devices are amongst the most difficult to design and deploy. Unlike a traditional software system, the firmware is loaded onto a device that is intended to never be maintained again. This presents a few key challenges.

    1. The firmware needs to be designed very securely and as much as it is possible to recover from any remote issues itself without any user interaction. The simple act of pressing a reset button is impossible.
    2. The hardware needs to be robust to last the entire duration of the devices' intended lifespan and ensure any remote failures are recoverable without sending a team to locate and maintain the device.
    3. The battery needs to last the duration of the devices' intended lifespan.

    TechThrive’s engineers are specialists in developing battery-powered IoT devices. Our hardware and firmware skills are second to none and our battery management experience is even better. We have also developed a world-first energy harvesting module designed specifically for remotely deployed IoT devices.

  • Internet

    Internet technologies have evolved tremendously over the last few years. Just like ADSL or 3G wireless technologies are being replaced with fibre and LTE, IoT internet requires smaller amounts of data but to be transmitted over long distances with minimal battery usage. Radio networks, where IoT devices broadcast using a radio frequency which is received by a base station has become a very popular method for supplying IoT devices with internet access. The main benefit is that the device can be built much smaller as it doesn’t need a sim card and that it can sleep while not in use. Sigfox in France, LoRa (an abbreviation of Long Range) is a Google open access technology and NBIoT which is a cellular network technology are all becoming very popular breakout internet access technologies. BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy is another popular technology which is excellent in shorter range wireless networks because of its tiny infrastructure and ultra low battery usage.

    Whatever the choice in internet technology, TechThrive is able to supply suitable systems and infrastructure to make it work perfectly for your needs.

  • Visualisation

    A graph or chart is often all that is required to get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening around you. The dashboard with which to view all the detail generated by your IoT device network needs to allow both a quick overview of what’s happening while still allowing you to dig deeper into the data to identify anomalies or simply to get a better understanding of what’s happening. Our dashboards get fully customized to suit our clients’ needs. This includes a full integration of our predictive analytics models, visualization of changes & critical information, alerts and deep dive data tables. IoT sensor data remains uniform which also allows us to update and improve on our models as and when new scenarios are identified. Constant intelligent updates to our models keep our clients leaps and bounds ahead of competitors.

    TechThrive has a team with over 20 years of experience in developing and maintaining analytics models.


  • About

    Battery longevity is a big challenge as the longer a device is able to stay online the less maintenance is required and the more remote a location it can be deployed into. Battery technologies are improving year on year however the biggest gains still occur at the hardware/firmware level. Our systems calculate and adjust battery usage through smart techniques designed by our engineers which ensure minimal amounts of power are used at any given point in time. Our techniques have seen upwards of 20 times longer lasting devices on identical sensor types, frequency of readings and battery types.

    Where battery optimization techniques aren’t sufficient we deploy a world-first energy harvesting module which is able to efficiently gain energy from various renewable sources. Energy harvesting is a revolutionary leap forward for IoT. For the first time, we can truly deploy devices that can be “abandoned” while still ensuring they remain online and functioning as usual. Solar and wind are favored choices for outdoor activities however there is an abundance of different technologies that are available for indoor applications.

    Data is said to be the new oil – although data is only useful when used correctly. Predictive analytics is possibly the most powerful business intelligence tool in the market at the moment and undoubtedly the difference between the present and the future of business.

    Analyzing vast quantities of data is another major challenge facing IoT. Businesses have been generating and storing data for years. IoT is uniquely positioned to increase the amount of useful data businesses can gather while simultaneously structuring it in a very easy to manage format. Another important factor is that IoT generates data as and when it happens.

    Our team of engineers ensures data is not only analyzed correctly but that suitable analytics models are built on top of the data to give real-time predictions. Our team has over 20 years of experience in developing statistical analytics which gives our clients a huge advantage.

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