Optimally using resources is the bread and butter of any successful manager. Technology enables managers to better deploy resources.  Quite simple! Although sometimes rather difficult to identify where there are leaks in efficiency.

A simple anecdote. Scientists placed an invisible barrier in a shark tank. On the other side of the barrier, scientists placed a small bait fish. The shark attacked the fish but ended up slamming into the invisible barrier. After a few weeks of repeating the experiment, the shark stopped attacking the fish. At that point the invisible barrier was removed, the bait fish swam around safely because the shark expected the barrier to still be in the way.

There are a great many lessons to be learned from a story like that. Psychologists will describe the many “invisible barriers”. The reality with technology is that it can move so quickly that we miss the boat and in so doing miss the opportunity to implement technology in time. Invisible barriers like not understanding what the technology can do for you or simply not being aware of what’s out there can be devastating to the longer term business efficiency.

Let’s talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) because it is a huge buzz word and for very good reason. Billions of new devices are set to enter the market in the next few years, most of which are destined for businesses. Their aim – to improve business dramatically.

Let me explain… IoT devices will fit onto virtually any ordinary object and connect to your management tools. Ordinary objects like a chair, wall, container, scale and even people & pets, etc… can be connected, monitored and start providing you with data! Sounds simple but it’s not! The data the devices can generate will include virtually anything. Measuring and managing the previously unmanageable.

For example a chair! You can monitor a chair. Why? If someone is sitting at the chair they are working. If they’re constantly away from their chair they’re not working. You can link that to a single dashboard and track every employee in every situation and store that data in an analyzable format. The same can be said for other important components like a forklift in a warehouse. Instead of knowing where the forklift is/was you can count how many times it moved across your yard or how many loads it carried during a specific day/week/month or year. You can know who was driving the forklift and who does the most loads. You can know what’s happening on a real-time basis in every aspect of your business. Every ordinary object can be monitored!

The efficiency economics of IoT is gigantic. Optimise your systems and add an enormous amount of data analytics into your business. Stop unnecessary wastage, track and control everything.

In conclusion. Technology is an extremely good business efficiency tool but many invisible barriers exist preventing businesses from deploying those technologies. Cut away the barriers preventing you from deploying new technology and watch your business thrive.