Load Shedding taking out your Internet?

Load shedding is incredibly frustrating. When the power goes down so does the internet! Which is even worse! The internet is our social connection, our new way of life and most importantly the only way to do business.

Have you noticed that when your internet goes down you can’t even use your cell phone or 5g internet? This is because the cell towers are also affected by load shedding and everyone in the area is trying to connect at the same time. This means the towers that are online in your area get completely overloaded.

Generators are noisy and expensive. Especially if you’re in a complex you can’t use them and if you’re in a house or office complex where you can you might as well not because you can’t think it’s so noisy.

Inverters use big expensive batteries with complex electronics. Essentially they invert 12v or 24v (a multiple of 2 batteries in series) to the SA standard voltage. This process both wastes energy and requires complex electronics setup by a pro.

A UPS is much like an inverter except they use a small cheap battery and the electronics isn’t designed to power your equipment – they’re designed to protect it from power surges or a power failure. When a power failure occurs a UPS expects you to switch off your computer and not continue working on it. Some UPS’s are designed to auto switch off even though the battery is fully charged!

I’m sure you’ve heard about all those options, perhaps you even own a few at home. If you’re like me you might have owned all three – but find it a hack to start the generator or untidy to keep everything you want plugged into an inverter.

To add insult to injury when the power goes out the only thing you actually need is the internet. A laptop on a battery and solar lights give you all the tools you need to keep working – that is of course if your internet is still online.

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Top tip to keep your internet online during load shedding

TechThrive: top tip for keeping the internet online during load shedding – Use an Internet Power Supply which comprises of just 3 parts.

  1. Standard 7ah Battery
  2. Power Supply
  3. Router connectors

The best part about using an internet power supply is that for not a lot of money you can keep your internet online for a really long time.

How it works?
Most internet routers use 12 volts of power. That little transformer converts the power out the mains into a much smaller amount of voltage which is then used by your router.

Conveniently a battery is also 12 volts.

You can simply power your internet router using a small power supply and a battery – no need for a beeping UPS or big inverter.

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The Details!

Remember when load shedding started now more than 10 years ago it was a temporary solution to a problem that was supposed to fixed more than 5 years ago! Load shedding is now the solution! The internet has proven to be the single most important tool – without which social distancing, working from home or even many basic activities like watching TV or playing games would be impossible.

Where to from here?
TechThrive has produced an Internet Power Supply – you can buy it online here. Not sure? Send us a mail or give us a call and we will help you.

Internet power supply is ideal for
•    People living in a complex.
•    Offices and homes reliant on the internet being reliably available
•    Work from home or remote working occupations
•    Families with school children who remote /distance learn

What’s in the box
•    Power supply
•    Battery
•    Router Connector cable
•    Mains power plug

Optional Extras
•    Extra router connector cables
•    Longer router connector cables
•    Voltage adjusting cable
•    Emergency light

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