Thomas Edison created another use case for electricity when he invented the light bulb in 1879. The light bulb was a significant discovery which positively impacted the entire world. The significance of the impact of the light bulb is what made the invention so remarkable – it provided light. Clean, easy and always available light – simple! Not so simple! The light bulb solved a real problem – lack of light yet almost nobody realised this was a problem that needed solving until the light bulb was actually invented.

What Thomas Edison invented was a solution to a massive problem that until such time as he invented the light bulb nobody realised there was a problem.

Internet of Things in modern times is rather similar to electricity in the early 1800s. Amazing technology with the potential to change the world but no remarkable inventions to bring IoT/Electricity into every home on the planet. The light bulb isn’t a use case for electricity, despite my opening remarks, it’s a solution to a practical problem that the world faced.

IoT, like electricity, is a means to power inventions that solve problems in the modern world – problems that users don’t yet know need solving like businesses tracking their trolly’s and saving over 250 million euros, breweries tracking spillage and saving 30 000USD per month and hundreds of other businesses that have trusted IoT technology to help them gain an advantage in business.

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