Product – Spider Catcher Price – Less than R300

Summary This is the ultimate gadget for evicting spiders from your house without hurting them! (Or yourself). Introducing the spider catcher from Trappers –

It’s easy to operate and best of all, it works! It uses a very simple mechanism to open up and catch the spider. Once the spider is closed in, just take it outside and release it. (I find that over the wall into the neighbour’s garden is best*). Voila! The spider is unharmed and safely evicted and everyone is happy. .

Details My fiancé hates spiders. She’s fine with little ones but if there’s a rain spider in the room, she’s on the other side of the house. She knows they aren’t dangerous but that’s not the point. That leaves me to deal with them and I’m not the biggest fan of spiders either. Not to mention that evicting them never really goes according to plan.

Not any more!

I’ve come across a new gadget that is designed to catch and release a spider (and other insects) without harming them. The idea is quite simple. The spider catcher consists of thin plastic bristles on the end of a stick that can be opened and closed by the the handle on the opposite end..

1 times Spider Catcher with a practice plastic spider

It’s a sound principle and everything should work…. Open bristles, cover spider, close bristles, (hope the spider doesn’t run away or worse, run up the handle and claim the spider catcher as its own) and safely evict the spider. It works really well with the practice plastic spider

The Spider Catcher in action (with its plastic practice spider)

Does it work? It didn’t take long for a spider to pop up in my house. With a fair bit of excitement and whole lot of nerves I gathered up my spider catcher and examined my target. I rehearsed what I needed to do a few times in my head and, truth be told, practiced with the plastic spider one last time. I also moved my cat away because I didn’t want my spider-catching glory being taken away by a fuzzy feline, nor did I want any harm to come to the spider from an overly enthusiastic cat.

It was show time! I steadied my hand, pointed the spider catcher at the spider, and in one swift movement covered the spider and closed the bristles. My heart was pounding! I wasn’t sure if it worked. I slowly checked the area. No spider. Then I looked at the end of the spider catcher… there it was! It was pinned safely in the bristles, unharmed but unable to move. It worked! It actually worked! (A fact I was rather grateful for or else I may have an angry spider lose in my bedroom).

I took the spider catcher outside for one more test, could I release the spider safely? The simple answer was yes., With the greatest of ease, I opened up the bristles and off the spider went.

Since then a few more spiders have been caught and released with ease. The spiders are always unharmed and the whole process takes a few seconds. Every time I’m a little more confident. Who knows? I might even get my fiancée to try it soon.

Conclusion The spider catcher works and it’s efficient. It’s made from simple materials with a straightforward moving mechanism, This keeps costs down without skimping on quality. This is a must have gadget for every home.

Would I buy it? Yes, and I’m glad I did. It’s also going on the list to give people as housewarming presents, wedding presents and birthday presents.

Happy spider catching and evicting!

*Disclaimer: No spiders or neighbours were harmed in the writing of this article.

Please share your stories with me. I’d love to hear about all of your favourite gadgets.