There is something about playing old TV games that really gets me going. Perhaps its the connection with my childhood that brings back awesome memories or perhaps it just something thats really familiar to me… either way I really enjoy playing the old games from the 80s and 90s with the pixelated logos, cheesy music and classically predictable story lines.

I have two retro gaming devices. One I built out of a Raspberry Pi which is surprisingly easy, the second is a simple device I purchased. Buying devices is no fun when you can make it yourself :).

What you need:

Raspberry Pi with a power supply, case and HDMI cable SD Card – The newer the game the larger the file. I used a 32gb SD card but a 64 or 128 might be preferential if you love your games and can’t hold back with installing everything you can get your hands on Your preferred controller – Xbox one/360 or modern PS controllers can work too. I used a Xbox 360 but it also requires a wireless module which I bought from Takealot.

How it works

RetroPie has a system called emulation station which has an emulator for most gaming systems from the 80s to the late 90s. You find the game you want and save it into the emulator so that it can run. Essentially you create a device that has the exact same games from your favourite gaming era and enjoy.

How to do it

RetroPie is my go to system for retro gaming. It has just about everything installed and is very easy to use.

The process is quite simple. Download the Retropie software and extract the download onto the SD card. Once done install the SD card into the Raspberry Pi. Then start everything up. It should now be installed. The setup guide will take you through the configuration process.

Installing games – the internet has loads of options. Simply download the game you want and save it onto the SD card.

I was a little more technical – I installed a front end gui so my system has a windows like terminal so I can browse the internet and download and save the games.

Playing games

Once the games are loaded simply select them and enjoy. I know I certainly earned a few brownie points with the Mrs by installing all her old favourites.