Southern Africa is very well known for its game farms. They’re great tourist destinations and they help with conservation. Technology, on the other hand, tends to be rather limited in those types of environments. Electricity is exclusively supplied via a generator or solar power, water is filtered onsite with only small amounts being used for drinking water. Internet is another challenge… The Internet can only be supplied via a satellite link which is very expensive and by modern standards quite slow.

High tech and game farm don’t really link very well together because of the remoteness of their location.

Internet of things being a 4th industrial revolution technology would on face value seem rather out of place in a location somewhat unspoiled by the modern world but… and this is where it gets very interesting. Game Farms use radio technology extensively. Radio technology is a key technology driving the Internet of Things because it is cheap and allows devices to use a minuscule amount of power to communicate over long distances. Ultimately the combination of low power and the radio network makes a game farm the ideal place to invest in the latest technology.

Understanding how it would work

  • A base station will get installed on the radio antenna providing many kilometers of coverage.
  • Various radio-enabled sensors will be connected to the base station allowing long-distance monitoring.

Potential applications

  • Smoke detectors mounted in close proximity to camps to monitor for fire risk.
  • Vehicle and asset tracking.
  • Water monitoring.
    • Early detection of water leaks or indoor flooding.
    • Monitoring devices mounted in various places in the reserve could allow for better concession management as you will know how much water is in an area.
    • Rainfall monitoring spread across the reserve
  • Door monitors – ensure guests doors or dustbin lids are closed
  • Mobile panic buttons for guests or staff
  • Animal tracking
    • Movement/location
    • Temperature
    • Heartbeat
    • Orientation (Ie is the animal sleeping, standing, walking or running)

Our technology is extremely versatile. We have over 50 different types of sensors at our disposal. We can build virtually any type of device with any combination of sensor you require.

Game farms can benefit hugely from technology. Improvements in conservation management or understanding the environment better and even improving the guest experience.

Contact us and share some of your requirements. We can assist you with the development of the perfect application.