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researched and relied on by tech experts who love their pets.

Top Tech

for greater peace of mind. TechThrive are experts on Internet of Things so we know our electronics hardware.

Everything you need to track your pets in one small GPS tracking device.

Reliable GPS Tracking

with a simple, effective app.

OR a fallback to WiFi location tracking or GSM triangulation for those area's where the GPS satellites can't be reached.

Pet Proof

Lightweight, waterproof & super-sturdy.

AND the GPS tracker fits snugly into a silicone sleeve to protect it from scratches.


Great Battery life.

WITH a magnetic charging contact to make it really easy to keep the 1000mah battery charged

Track them with a GPS Pet tracker

it’s easy to keep track of your 4-legged family members – anywhere, any time.

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Built for pet lovers

Who adore their fur ball

Built to be rugged

So your pet can go anywhere and still be tracked


And every pet is the best pet, obviously.

Losing a pet is awful. We’re pet parents and we know the stress and heartache it can cause if they go missing.

The worst part is not knowing. Most tracking chips can only be checked if someone finds your pet and takes them to a vet – there’s nothing you can do but sit and wait, and that really doesn’t work for us!

Our founder and CEO, Gavin, has extensive experience with IoT technology (read more about that here). That experience includes developing tracking systems and devices for products, vehicles, wildlife, and much more. After the trauma of his cat getting lost, Gavin decided pets deserved the same level of care and monitoring as any other valuable item.

Gavin used his experience, industry insights and know-how to set up the best GPS tracker for his pets, so that he could keep tabs on them and keep them safe. Now we’re making that available to you, so you can rest easy knowing your fur-kids are online and easy to find, just in case.

Personal experience

“I lost my pet. I was frantic, and I tried everything. Flyers, knocking on doors, you name it…”

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Gavin Levenstein - pet lover and CEO TechThrive

Why Choose TechThrive?

We found that most pet trackers offer one big benefit but fall short on other important features.

Some have long battery life but a limited tracking radius. Some are really just a smartwatch with an extra sticker. Others have a fancy app that tells you if your pet is sleeping or moving, but run our of battery power a lot faster when it matters most.

TechThrive combines the best tech and features for accurate tracking you can count on:

Top Tech
  • GPS tracking – relied on by companies and individuals around the world
  • Easy-to-use app – Android & iOS
  • Button alert – if someone finds your pet, they can press the button to send their location directly to you
Stay Connected
  • All it needs is a SIM card
    Low cost – only a few Rands per month of airtime (out of bundle)
    Use your own SIM card, or we can handle airtime top-ups for you
Fantastic Value
  • Only R1749 and you're all set!
  • No monthly fees
Powered Up
  • Excellent battery life – up to 7 days while they’re on the move
  • Low battery alerts
  • Charge with a customised USB cable (included)
Comfortable & Durable
  • Attaches to any standard collar
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Waterproof, scratch-proof, dirt-proof – they can try anything!
  • Sits under your pet’s chin – comfortable and unlikely to catch on branches or corners

Front View

Front view with indicator light

Rear view

Sim card slot and magnetic charger connectors


IP67 compliant.

Side View

Power on and off

Side view

Emergency button and microphone

Collar Attachment

Sctratch resistant silicone sleeve fits standard collars

Sim card slot

Waterproof sim card slot

Magnetic charger

Magnetic charging connectors. Easy connection and fully waterproof.

Full function App

Intuitive app with maps, historical view, geo-fencing and so much more.

Frequently asked Questions

We love it when we hear from our pet loving customers. If you have other questions please call us on 010 007 1717 or mail us at

Device Size and Weight
The device is 52X38X16mm and weighs 36 grams. The small size is great for dogs and even small cats. The device simply rotates to under their neck where it sits comfortably. My cats are just over 3kg’s and they’re very happy with their trackers :).

Tell me more about the battery and power settings
I have 3 small cats so I know what it's like constantly charging a device with a small battery. Our tracker has a 1000mah battery. Exact battery life is relative to usage and conditions EG. A pet that is constantly under a tree will use more GPS power (as it takes longer to get a complete GPS fix). Although as a general guideline you can expect 2-3 days at a 1m interval, 3-5 days on a 10m interval and up to 7 days on a 1h interval. We also support an advanced mode which allows you to set the exact number of seconds. On maximum in the advanced mode you will get closer to 10 days. The device is also equipped with a motion sensor; a pet that is sleeping won't be tracked as the GPS will go into hibernation mode until it detects movement. While in hibernation it’s still possible to request a location using the app which works very well when you need to start looking for your pet.

What if it gets wet
Yes it is waterproof. It's officially rated as IP67 which means it's tested at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Rain, splash or the occasional swim will be ok however we would typically suggest removing it temporarily if you know your pet is going to get really wet. The charger cable uses a magnetic contact which is doesn’t require any opening of rubber seals to charge. Although such is the nature of water/salt water is that over years the seals do wear out - especially if at some point in the future you need to open the casing to change the sim card.

Which sim card must I use
You will need a nano sim card (which is the smallest of the 3 standard sizes) with airtime (not a data subscription). Airtime doesn't expire so by enabling out-of-bundle data you will spend the least amount on keeping your tracker connected to the internet. The device uses very little data – it regularly uploads it’s battery information (and other device parameters) and a location at your desired location frequency. On 1m intervals you could spend up to R10 per month. On 1h or a custom setting you could spend as little as R3 per month. Your choice of provider is up to you – it is best to pick one with the best coverage in your area.

How does it work
The GPS tracker sends updates to an app on your mobile phone. Once paired with the app you can view the current location or historical points, change settings and use advanced features like SOS or Geo-Fencing. In addition the GPS tracker can do sound monitoring or ring to help you find your lost pet. You can also request a GPS location from the tracker. In that way no matter where your pet runs off to you will always be able to get a location to start looking for them.

The app has three modes for tracking intervals 1 minute, 10 minutes or 1 hour and an advanced setting to allow for a custom interval. These modes can be changed through the app at any time. We recommend the longest setting to save battery power. If you want to track your pet then request a location or change the settings to a more frequent tracking interval.

Sound is one of the best forms of short range tracking. You can enable a "ring" on the device which will make some noise (much like cell phone ringing and it only lasts for 60 seconds). This is especially useful when your pet is out of sight but nearby.

Do I need a special collar or can I use my own
The GPS Trackers fits into a silicone sleeve which is easy to remove. We use a magnetic contact for charging so it's also very easy to charge while on a collar (but not on the pet :) ). The sleeve allows for easy attachment onto any standard cat or dog collar.

Give me the technical details about GPS
GPS as a whole doesn't work well indoors. We account for this in two ways.

1. We search for a nearby WiFi hotspot (we don't connect to it - we just search for it - when if sees the home WiFi then we know the pet is home). The device learns the location of the WiFi on its own.

2. Cellular triangulation. Much like in the movies we use the cell towers to estimate the device location. However unlike the movies this is wildly inaccurate (500m to 1km) so it's really good to tell you a very broad area your pet is in. That said, even a failed GPS signal is good information - in my case I then know my cats are under my house where they don't get GPS or WiFi.

  • Technical Specs

    Waterproof Mini GPS tracker

    Waterproof IP67,GPS + WIFI + LBS multi mode precise positioning, static dormancy to save electricity, real-time positioning, intelligent monitoring,remote record function

  • Structure
    • Device size: 52X38X16mm
    • Weight: 36g
    • colour: Optional
    • button: one button(power/SOS button)
    • screen: no
    • GPS antenna: High sensitive ceramics active antenna
    • GSM antenna: FPC antenna
    • battery: 1000mAh
    • SIM card slot: 1
    • G-sensor support: yes
    • I/O port: Magnetic suction charging
  • Hardware
    • CPU: MTK MT2503A
    • GPS chip: MTK2503
    • GPRS: Class12
    • GPS signal: L1,1575.42MHz C/A
    • GPS channel number: 22 channels
    • GPS chip receive sensitivity: Tracking sensitivity:-165dBm,capture sensitivity:-148dBm
    • GPS location accuracy: 5~15M
    • LBS location accuracy: 100-1000M
    • Minimum standby: less than 0.5 mA
    • Average standby current: less than 2.5 mA
    • Average working current: around 55mA
    • Working temperature: -20~70℃
    • Working humidity: 5% to 95% non-congealable
    • GPS antenna: Built-in high sensitivity FPC antenna
    • GSM antenna: Built-in four frequency method of antenna
    • G-sensor: yes
    • MIC: yes
  • Software
    • supported operating systems: Support android 2.3 and above system, IOS5.0 and above.
    • call function: double talk/remote monitoring
    • Language support: English with multi-languages
    • GSM+GPRS+GPS: GPS+LBS+WIFI Multi-modal positioning
    • support AGPS: Cold start 26 seconds positioning
    • call function: SOS call, voice monitor, whitelist for don't disturb
    • power management: Ultra-low power consumption of power
    • One key emergency: SOS one key emergency function, auto-dialing
    • Record function: choose the record function on the APP, and then the device can record, after record will send back to APP directly.
    • Smart Geo-fence: Outside the geo-fence can trigger an alarm
    • wireless upgrading: Software upgrade, remote debugging, maintenance, remote setting of parameters
    • historical route: Can check history for three months

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