It is devastating to lose a pet. Place a small internet-enabled GPS device on your pet’s collar and know where they are all the time.

The bond with pets is incredibly strong. We love our pets and they love us unconditionally. What happens when your pet gets lost! They have no way to communicate with you, you don’t know if they’re safe and you can’t find them.

Introducing the TechThrive pet tracker – the worlds best pet tracker. Preventing what you love from getting lost.

TechThrive provides a small internet enabled GPS which is quickly attached to any pet collar. The GPS broadcasts a position letting you know they’re safe or if required that they are now far from home!


  • Keep tabs on where your pets are at all times
    • Losing a pet is an awful feeling. With our pet tracking GPS you will have the peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe throughout the day. Get alerts when they travel away from home and have absolute confidence in being able to find them again.
  • If they get lost you can find them
    • GPS location, wifi and hot and cold tracking allows you to track your pet wherever they are and find them everytime.
  • General tracking and advanced tracking mode will allow for extreme accuracy even while your pet is undercover or hiding.
    • Accurate GPS locations wasn’t enough for us. We wanted to make sure you could find a needle in a haystack! When at the GPS location you can use the advanced tracker on your mobile phone to get a direct connection to your pet. It works through objects so if they fell down a drain pipe you can still find them.
  • Ultra long battery allows long term and convenient operation. No need to keep charging your device or worry that it is going flat.


High impact

Device removed/no movement

Low battery

The app will generate an alert if it doesn’t receive the device online heartbeat


  • Micro unit size – about the size of a normal gps enabled watch. Suitable for small cats and dogs.
  • Attaches to any standard collar.
  • Ultra long operation time
  • No monthly fees
  • 3 years of connectivity included
  • User friendly tracking and configuration App
    • Comprehensive tracking history through our web interface
  • Smart tracking logic – track when required provides better battery life and higher tracking capacity
  • Wireless charging
  • Find me button that will alert the owner of the position of their pet – or a device ID can be submitted to our website allowing for the safe return of your pet
  • Waterproof, rugged casing – suitable for the most challenging environments.

Why Us

GSM based trackers have a battery that lasts 2 days. Ours lasts months.

We can track using multiple tracking methods allowing both long range and extremely accurate short range tracking.

Internet enabled covering 90% of South Africa (and other countries)

Purpose built for pet tracking

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