Yes, Yes I know you’ve heard about password security however this isn’t stopping hackers from gaining access to massive lists.

Recently hackers gained access to over 700 million email addresses and over 21 million passwords –

While I don’t believe added security from software systems like antiviruses and more secure serves is going to stop hackers I do believe you can do an awful lot to protect yourself.

So firstly once someone has your email address and password the odds are that email address and password had been used before – because why not, its easy to remember one password. Once your password is out many systems end up being compromised too.

So heres what you might want to consider doing.

Strong passwords are absolutely essential – I use a random password generator for almost every single system I use. Its rather helpful to store that password in an offline format, a secure online password vault or as I do in an excel file using a code system only I would know.

I know it ends up being a bit tricky to have to remember many different passwords for many different sites. What I do is quite simple – for non critical sites I use an easy to remember password. If that site gets hacked – no problem. There is nothing important there anyway.

Another important step is to accept that your data may have been compromised. It surprises me how much faith my friends and family in the “big systems”. To put this in perspective there have been data breach issues at Yahoo, Linkedin and Facebook let alone a few years back at a South African data company that exposed upwards of 50 million South African ID numbers, email addresses and other pertinent info.

If you want to check if your details have been compromised check out . Just a note if you clicked on that link without reading further…. Thats a great way to get caught out by phishing scams. While that link is legitimate and from a trusted source it is rather important to approach every link, article or piece of advice like this with some skepticism.

In conclusion data is going to be compromised… your data is going to be compromised. Rather build up a strategy to manage it now so that when it happens (not if) you are able to change passwords where required but also most important don’t lose something of value to you because you used a password that was easy to remember like your moms birthday. Strong passwords, issued only once to important sites and stored securely is your best bet.

Take Care 🙂 Have fun 🙂