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during load shedding and power outages

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How to beat Load Shedding?

If you hate load shedding you’re not alone. Avoid the load shedding blues with the TechThrive Internet Power Supply.

Automatic Switchover

Keep your batteries fully charged while plugged in. When load shedding strikes we automatically switch over from the mains to the batteries.


All our batteries are fully rechargeable. We use standard 7aH Sealed Lead Acid batteries which makes them easy to replace.

Easy Self Install

Install it yourself in just a few minutes. Plug in the mains, plug in your internet devices and you're done.

Long Lasting

Keep your internet online for the duration of load shedding plus more :).

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Why keep the internet online?

Unfortunately we all know Load Shedding isn’t going away any time soon. Mobile data is expensive and unreliable during load shedding. Productivity drops without the internet. Generators are noisy. Inverters are complex and expensive. A UPS lasts a short time.

Personal Experience

"I couldn't work without the internet. The UPS constantly beeping was distracting. I needed something better"


Why Us?

We've used all the classic backup power solutions. Generators are noisy, Inverters are expensive & a UPS constantly beeps

There was nothing available that could keep our most valuable tool working - the internet

Our internet power supply did the job for our business and our home, it install quick, keeps everything we need online and best of all it's maintenance free

Powers most internet routers

Most internet routers use between 5v and 12v. This means we can use a cheap, reliable sealed lead acid battery and power supply.

Standard Connectors

All our cables come with standard connectors. We also have adapters so we work with any router!

No Noise

No fans, beeping or engines which makes it ideal for quiet offices or even your bedroom.

Easy upgrade

Need more devices or have a non-standard device – No ProblemExtra devices or a special cable to change the voltage is all plug and play

Be Productive

The internet is life for many people and businesses. Stay productive even during load shedding

Compact Box

All components are packed neatly into a compact box. Simply connect your router(s) and you’re online!

Long Lasting

At minimum you can power 2 internet devices for the entire duration of load sheddingAdd extra batteries to extend.


No complex electronics keeps the costs down.Standard easy to acquire batteries make this an ideal load shedding solution.

Maintenance friendly

Flat batteries doesn’t mean you need a new unitChange them yourself with nothing more than one screw driver.

Internet Power Supply
The Internet is my

Without the internet I am alone and in the dark!

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  • What if my router isn't 12v

    Our out of the box solution is designed to work with a 12v power supply. If your voltage is not 12v it will likely be 5v or 9v. Under those circumstances you will also need a step down converter. We have conveniently built this into an easy to use voltage adjusting connector cable. You can purchase this from our online store.

  • Will the connector fit

    There are many different connector sizes available. The most common is approximately 2.1mm long x 0.5mm. If your connector looks quite long and wide you probably have the standard connector.

    It isn't essential that it fit exactly. As long as it makes a connection the power supply will work. However if you are unsure send us a pic of the connector and a model for the router. We'll check it for you.

    What if it's a different size? This is no problem. We have an adapter pack which will fit 8 different router pin sizes. This is available from our online shop.

  • What do I do with my router transformer

    Keep it in a safe place. With our power supply you wont need it but will definitely still want to hang onto it. This is another benefit in that you only need one plug to power multiple routers

  • How long will it last

    As an example. Two router devices each using 0.5amps equates to a total usage of 1amp. A single battery fully charged has a capacity of 7amp hours.The power supply prevents over discharging and stops at ~15% which allows us to use ~ 6 amp hours (out of 7).In this example we can therefore power our two routers for ~ 6 hours.The amount of power consumed and the amount of battery capacity will affect how long your device stays online.

  • What happens when my batteries go flat

    The power supply is designed to protect the batteries from a full discharge. When the battery is at approximately 15% the unit will shut off. Once power returns the unit will automatically power back on and begin charging the batteries.

  • How long will my batteries last

    This unfortunately depends on how much they are used. Most batteries kept in good condition will last up to about 3 years. However with constant load shedding or many long power outages your battery could stop working sooner.

  • Can I change the batteries myself

    Yes, absolutely. Replacement batteries can be purchased from us or a multitude of different stores. Replacing batteries is also easy. Each unit comes with battery terminal spades which slide on and off easily. Just ensure you don't short the battery by placing the terminal wires on the wrong polarity.

  • Can I power anything other than my router

    Yes, however it needs to be a 12v DC. We supply emergency lighting which uses a 12v LED. You could power a telephone base station and other small electronic items.

Beat Load Shedding

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