Have you noticed the during load shedding that your Wi-Fi goes off because there is no power and the cell phone networks become useless due to no power. The reason is that everyone who was connecting to Wi-Fi is now connecting to the cell network. However many cell towers are also offline because of load shedding so the few towers that are online get over loaded.

There are solutions; generators are noisy, inverters are expensive and a ups is to beeping noisy.

Especially when it comes to keeping the Wi-Fi up you can deploy a much simpler solution. Most Wi-Fi routers operate on either 5 or 12 volts and draw sufficiently little power to be kept online for the duration of load shedding with an off the shelf battery. Combine this with an intelligent charging and battery protection solution. You can have a reliable, cost-effective and hassle-free solution for keeping wifi up during load shedding.

The TechThrive Solution

We have created a very simple solution specifically for the internet. Most internet routers require 5 or 12 volts. We are therefore able to directly power a router from a 12 volt battery. This completely removes the need to have an expensive inverter (because we’re not converting from 12 to 220 and then back).

We supply
A smart battery charger with battery protector module and standard power connectors for internet routers. We can supply a battery at an additional cost. The unit will work with any standard lead acid battery (we wanted a cheap sustainable solution which is why we built in a battery protector so that any battery could be used). A standard 7amp hour battery will suffice however you can connect any size 12 volt battery (or multiple in parallel). We supply 2 standard connectors with each installation.

How it works
You connect the battery box to the battery of choice. You then connect your internet router directly to our solution. You essentially bypass your transformers because we are supplying appropriate voltage already. The battery solution is permanently connected to you mains allowing a continuous safe and long lasting solution.


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