It has now been three weeks since lockdown started. Today is kind of an important day, while initially it was the day when lockdown was supposed to end it now represents the start of the extended lockdown period.

Lockdown has proven that technology can help many businesses around the world stay as productive as ever despite the fact that their staff have been unable to come into a formal office. Online meetings, remote file systems and email have really proven themselves during these times. Even voip telephones have enabled call centres to continue operating.

When we first envisaged what TechThrive would represent it was exactly this – allowing technology to help people thrive both in business and at home.

How have we thrived? Disclaimer: We’re a tech company and working from home is something we have done for years. At the start the thought of not going out was a little scary. It’s sometimes nice having a meeting or chatting face to face. However driving to a meeting is rather time consuming and for some reason humans really like their small talk which strangely doesn’t happen with a video call. That’s a strange benefit for the socially awkward IT geeks :).

What about retail and people businesses? Rapidly moving a storefront online or developing a delivery service is a gigantic challenge. However this change isn’t necessarily a bad change. Shopping has been moving online for over a decade so it really was a natural progression for all shops to eventually sell their products online. Hotels and conference facilities will surely have a tougher time however even in those circumstances online has enabled a great deal change. Online booking systems allow small “low contact” guesthouses to sell services. The online events industry is booming right now.

It is very interesting to watch this change happen specifically from a technological perspective. It will be very interesting to watch the industrial changes too. We can imagine a world where machinery is more automated which requires fewer employees. Offices might find that their employees liked working from home resulting in some interesting challenges around internet connectivity and even printing.

On behalf of the TechThrive team we wish you well. If you need a helping hand or a tech minded person o help guide you through the new normal give us a call – 010 007 1717.