Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has launched a new IoT network called Eltres –

In the context of a South African market, this type of announcement doesn’t have much value because the network is being rolled out in Japan. We also know that it takes a number of years for a network to grow sufficiently to cover the country to become truly useful.

Sony, making the choice to invest in an IoT network is however an extremely interesting move – and an indication of how immature the technologies are but simultaneously how important it is for large corporates to be involved in Internet of Things (IoT).

The announcement by Sony makes us ask the question; Which IoT technology is going to win? This is something we have given much thought, and considering how much time we’ve spent on the question it won’t really come as a surprise that our answer is still very much one where we sit on the fence. Why? None of the primary IoT technologies has matured into a large scale, full stable tech. While many are working rather well there are still a number of flaws that we still encounter.

So, while Sony is launching a new network technology that South Africa won’t yet benefit from we’re very excited at the fact that they have invested in new technologies because it is going to increase competition for network space and bring new investment – all very positive in the greater scheme of things for businesses and home users wishing to take advantage of IoT tech.

We at TechThrive will keep our eyes open for new, tech, ideas and solutions that we can pass onto our clients. We are really looking forward to being involved in a sector that is in its infancy with such incredible growth opportunities for the market at large.