I am a big fan of light weight devices built for a purpose.

Kodi is a media system and runs perfectly on a RaspberryPi. Often Kodi gets installed on an android TV box. Since many other systems are installed on the TV box you need to spend upwards of R2k to get a good fast system.

A RaspberryPi will cast approximately R1k but can have a purpose built Kodi installed on it making it significantly faster, more reliable and cheaper.

Installation is a simple process but lets first start with what you need.

RaspberryPi Power supply – often a micro usb charger will suffice but it needs to be able to supply enough power. I’ve always found it easier to get the oroginal charger. Case SD Card – Kodi typically streams all media so it is not required to get a large card. The entire installation will take less than a few GB so a 16GB which is the current standard in the market place will suffice. HDMI cable

The easiest way to do the installation is to install Noobs on the SD card. Its a simple process. Essentially you need to download the noobs file and extract it onto the SD card.

Once noobs is saved you can insert it into the RaspberryPi and switch it on. Noobs will guide you through the installation. You need to install a system called Libreelec. It will take a few moments to download and install but once it is done you will have a fully working purpose built kodi device that runs really, really quickly.

Have fun 🙂