COVID-19 has thrown a serious spoke in the world. 2020 is certainly going to be a strange year. Last week we thought about a nice article covering some of the technologies that can be used to work from home but when doing a bit of research we realized not only had it been done but it had been done a lot. Work from home, video conferencing, file sharing etc… has all been done in extravagant detail. We then did some good thinking (from home) and thought what about the teens.

What about the teens?
IT and electronics are so broad and with 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, it is certainly worth investing some time to learn the skills of the future. We have two projects that can keep the teens busy for hours while still learning.

Arduino is a micro-sized electronics board designed to teach electronics design and firmware design. What is particularly nice about Arduino is it essentially becomes a toy however to make the toy work you need to learn various technical and programming skills.

What’s the next step? You can get a whole host of different types of kits. I’d start with a basic kit to start. You can spend hours trying to figure it out, and make new completely different gizmos with even a basic kit.
Parents will love this because it is challenging enough to keep the kids occupied but it’s enough of a toy to keep them excited to keep playing and best of all they are learning skills that will benefit them in the future.

Raspberry pi Gamer
Here’s a simple deal you can make with your kids. Get the Pi gamer to work and you can play as many TV games as you like!

All you need is a raspberry pi and if you want some controllers too. The kids can figure out how to install the software and get it all working with a personal goal of playing loads of different types of tv games.

There are a whole lot more options for technology projects and we can go into so much more detail but we thought we just wanted to put a feeler out to encourage parents to think differently about the unexpected free time their children are experiencing.