It goes without saying that businesses want to make money. Businesses can make more sales which is a really great way of making money. Increased revenues is a tried and tested method for making more money. So why then do we sound so skeptical… well we’re not skeptical about increasing revenues because that obviously works. We know businesses are sitting on a gold mine that many never exploit!

The gold mine we’re talking about is increased efficiencies. Businesses operating more efficiently need fewer resources to make a profit… they also utilise their resources better resulting in bigger profits. Also, the bigger a business gets, the more complex their business which results in greater levels of complexity which leads to reductions in efficiency.

How do you ensure your business remains efficient? Or better yet, what aspects of your business can you gain massive levels of efficiency out of?

Internet of Things could be your answer! Management of your resources requires knowledge of whats happening with your resources. IoT devices are rather good at getting businesses answers (information) about their businesses operations in a very cost-effective and reliable manner.

Let’s use an example. Managing moving assets. In even a small business there are many moving assets – vehicles are an obvious example however there are printing machines, stock, pallets and even people (while not an asset, certainly valuable to a business). Misplaced assets result in downtime or a replacement of the asset. Depending on what the asset is you might even have a dedicated person (or a team) to manage the assets location at all times. Imagine a stock room.

Using simple technologies like Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS alongside permanently connected devices business can keep track in real time where their assets are, who is using them and are they being used efficiently.

We’ve spoken a lot about asset tracking this week – because a large courier company in Europe is saving 250 million Euros a year using IoT devices that track one section of their assets.

Monitoring doesn’t need to stop with a location. We can monitor the temperature of machinery of office space creating energy efficiencies or operational efficiencies with early warning systems for failing machinery. We can track employee activity levels. Water or moisture levels which could be quite bad for factories, but very good for agriculture. We can then use our data to better manage our production lines. Imagine knowing that plastic moulding machines produce moisture, and once the moisture levels reach certain levels the moulding process becomes less efficient. Your factory could optimise it’s working conditions to ensure it always operates at 100%.

We have over 50 sensors at our disposal. If there are aspects of your business that aren’t being monitored then you need us to help save you millions. Contact us and we will setup IoT technology to help your business operate more efficiently.