Gas retailers need a solution to monitor the amount of gas in their client’s cylinders. They need an alert when a cylinder is approaching empty.

Application example

A company that refills the gas cylinders people use for cooking and heating their homes in winter. They have an agreement with their customers that they will never be out of gas which means that they either had to constantly visit the people to check their gas tank. As you can imagine this was massively inefficient as they may fill a cylinder when it was almost full and there was no need to.

They then installed a device that could measure the amount of gas remaining in the cylinder. It sent an alert when it had 20% left in it.

Application benefits

The company was able to give their clients more control over how much gas they were using. The company was able to reduce gas stock loss by refilling at appropriate times – customers stopped complaining that their cylinder wasn’t finished and was therefore no longer overpaying. Profits increased because the company was much more efficient in managing their supply chain.