Growing old can be very emotionally difficult on the entire family. The loss of mobility and freedom together with many critical medical issues makes it difficult for an elderly person to maintain quality of life.

We have a solution. An elderly monitoring device in a simple watch format.

It’s a very high tech solution hidden behind a very simple watch face which makes it easy to implement and the wearer won’t have any trouble using it.

It includes a long life battery, GPS tracks, movement monitor, panic button and fall detector. The system is configurable and allows the family or nursing home to monitor the device 24/7. If critical issues occur such as a fall the system will automatically take the configured actions.

This device allows for freedom and security.


  • Offers the elderly more freedom
  • Offer the family peace of mind that if something happens they can
    • Find their loved ones
    • Know instantly there is a problem
  • Elderly care is expensive
    • Smart watch reduces care costs
  • The panic button works around South Africa without the need for a Cell Phone
  • GPS enabled for accurate positioning in case of emergency
  • Long life battery and waterproof allowing the elderly person to have minimal disruption
  • Integrated into an APP to allow remote administration


  • Fall monitor
  • GPS positioning
  • Up to 45 day battery life
  • Panic Button (SOS)
  • Activity monitoring
  • Step counter
  • Waterproof
  • Full function APP
  • Country wide connectivity

Why us?

  • Cheaper than a care worker?
  • Great tool to assist the elderly before full care is required
  • Connected to the internet directly
    • No recurring monthly fees
    • Uses Sigfox not GSM
    • Doesn’t need a cell phone with bluetooth

Care homes

Able to provide a panic button, that works around the country allowing residents more freedom. IF panic is pressed a GPS location is provided.

Monitor all residents from a single point of contact. Provide better care at a lower cost.