Goodbye printed signs, hello digital signs.

A digital sign is installed on a large size TV/digital screen, exactly where the printed sign would be.

It is easy to manage the sign by adding or removing images or videos. Management can be performed remotely (wifi required). A new image or video can be quickly designed and uploaded instantly to the sign, wherever it may be. A single sign can be set up to display multiple images or videos in any sequence you want.

Your return on investment is much higher than a printed sign. No more printing large size posters on vinyl. No more sending out a support team to remove the old printed sign and replacing it with a new one.

We can even customise when a particular image or video should be displayed, e g a breakfast menu may only be displayed up until 11am, at which time the lunch menu displays.

Uses of digital signs:

  • Advertising in public places, eg hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets
  • Communication to staff in an office
  • A welcome sign for visitors to a business


Services offered by ET Digital:

  • Supply and installation of a digital signage system.
  • Design of the images and video on the signs.
  • Management of the images and video on the signs.


Initial costs:

Supply and installation of digital sign software on Raspberry Pi 3B+:                    R2 500.00 excl VAT

(Includes design and installation of three images to client’s requirements)

A client will supply their own screen as subject to the correct specifications (supports HDMI).

We can supply and arrange installation of Video/TV screen: Price depends on requirements and specifications.


Installation outside of Gauteng will incur traveling and possibly accommodation costs which will be for the client’s cost.

              Managed Service (optional) :         Monthly fee:                                                   R1 500.00 excl

  • Managed service requires a working wifi network connected to the Internet.
  • Based on a 12-month contract.
  • Management includes:
  • Creation of two images per month (price will be discounted by R500.00 if no images required.)
  • Remotely monitoring the system
  • Replace components and reinstall the system if necessary.
  • Backup of the system.
  • Telephone support on the system and troubleshooting
  • Uploading images remotely to client’s requirements.
  • Setting up schedules of when the images will be flighted


Ad Hoc requests: Charged on an hourly basis and quoted separately

Onsite visits if required (Travelling and accommodation will be charged separately.)


Additional services for digital signage:

  • Design of images: R300 per image excl VAT
  • Design of video: R2 000 excl VAT


Notes: Costs for images and videos are estimates and depend on the complexity of the image/video. The estimate is based on a video made by us in-house and in our studio. Logos, photographs to be supplied by the client. An average video on a sign should be no more than 60 seconds.


For more information please contact ETD Digital on or 010 007 4899