“Have you heard of Cole’s Law?” “No? What is it?”

“It’s thinly sliced cabbage, carrots and mayo.”

Firstly my apologies for the bad joke! Internet of Things (IoT) is a big new buzz word that is sweeping the world. IoT is all about measuring, monitoring and tracking ordinary objects. There are hundreds of different types of sensors which can give a business an enormous amount of information. So why Cole’s Law – once each sensor gets packaged into a business solution the cost goes up and the flexibility for the solution reduces.

We are hosting a workshop that will cover what is IoT and how it can benefit your business. In that session, you will learn all you need to start gaining a business advantage with IoT technology. Alternatively, Contact us and we’ll help you design your own solution specific to your needs.

We’re told with IoT technology you’ll be able to do so many amazing things…

Focus on the function, not the technology!

There are literally billions of internet-enabled devices – cell phones, TV’s, cars, computers yet we don’t refer to them as IoT and that’s because we don’t need to. We focus on their function – how we can use the technology and ultimately don’t really care about what category of technology the device belongs too.

Outcomes first – technology second

What do you want to achieve! As a parent, you may want to keep your child safe. Perhaps you want to know where your pets are and prevent them from getting lost. You could even keep track of where your valuables like your car or laptop are. There are watches on the market that have an Internet-enabled GPS that can keep track of where loved ones are at all times. They can also monitor heavy falls. Internet-enabled panic buttons become very useful in high-risk situations. A small hidden device is often easier to get access to than dialing a telephone. Many smart phones already have an emergency feature where you can press a sequence of buttons.

In the context of a business it gets a little more complex because a business can use the data for commercial purposes.

The Business User

A business use case could involve a motion sensor on fire extinguishers or smoke detectors that can call the fire department. An existing security company call centre could be used to act as a first tier response unit speeding up response time. A fire prevention company could also sell solutions as a service because they can now manage their risks and add increased value when selling their existing products.

Businesses can benefit greatly by gaining a better understanding of their customers and selling new solutions to them. Businesses can also benefit from more data within their own production lines which will help them manage critical tasks more effectively.

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