I’ve taken a liking to the Raspberry Pi. It’s cheap (less than R1000) and very useful for many applications. One of its best features is its storage via a SD card (equivalent to a hard drive in your laptop or computer). Once the SD card is configured it can be duplicated and inserted into any other PI which will work perfectly.

One of the good uses that a PI can be put to is to run a digital sign for a business. A digital sign is a video screen or tv screen on which media can be played – pictures and videos. Digital signs have become popular over the past ten years. Initially a video player was connected to a TV screen. Subsequently screens were connected directly to computers or laptops.

Some businesses have also used flash drives to plug into a screen and display media. A digital sign is way better than a printed one. It can be animated, and multiple images can be displayed or played on the screen.

So, what can a Raspberry PI do that makes it even better? I have started using a useful piece of software, called Screenly that allows you to manage the videos and images that display on the screen. The beauty is it can be accessed remotely. New content can be uploaded instantly or old ones removed. Far more useful and lower cost than connecting a computer, video recorder or PVR. More convenient than a flash drive.

You may wish to watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=2YtG-p0s2OI or http://www.etphones.co.zah

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