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What TechThrive can do for you

TechThrive builds battery-powered IoT devices to collect data and uses advanced predictive models to analyze data.

Our team of engineers at TechThrive has over 20 years of experience in processing analytical data and over 10 years of experience in building battery-powered IoT devices. Our vast experience is deployed into our core strengths namely building IoT device hardware from the ground up and developing analytical models to create high-value visualization dashboards.


Internet of Things (IoT) & Data Management

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Internet of Things - IoT

Smart battery powered devices connected to the internet.

We build our own

From the ground up

PC Board design & Optimisation

Hardware design is done in-house and optimised to get the best device performance


Fully developed firmware using state of the art technology.

Battery Powered

We optimize all our IoT Devices to run for long periods with smart technology

Energy Harvesting

A world-first energy harvester. We keep IoT Devices online forever using renewables


IoT Device use cases are so dynamic - need something special? No problem.

Data Management

Analytical data management for IoT applications

Dataset Management

Database management of incoming data

Statistical & Predictive Analytics

The true power of IoT. Analytical models for data.

Visualization & Dashboard design

Know your world in one dashboard

Smart connected devices can do an incredible amount for us in our personal and professional lives. Estimates are that 40 billion new devices will come online in the next 5 years.

Why the hype? Smart devices are becoming more affordable while providing nearly complete independence. What that means to you is that you can deploy a device and leave it to function for in some cases multiple years. It all works because smart devices are connected to the internet using ultra-lightweight internet connections and are designed using massively minimalistic purpose-built hardware. The device will serve a specific purpose and send its data into the cloud where it’s processed and turned into something useful.

Practically, since each smart device serves specific purposes their functionality can be used for hundreds of custom made solutions to fit specific business goals. A great example of that is a simple tracking device. It can be used to keep track of vehicles (which is a very common solution). It can also be used to track, pallets in a factory, agricultural equipment, and even pets and livestock. Since the device is tiny it can attach onto many different items. Although where the technology really starts adding value is that it is connected to the internet and can supply real-time “valuable” information specific to the purposes required. If the livestock hasn’t moved for a long period of time might indicate a problem, perhaps a vehicle begins moving at an odd time or perhaps a pallet exits the warehouse. The backend systems are really what makes these devices smart because they can be deployed for so many incredibly functional applications.

Perhaps said the simplest – smart devices can be deployed specifically for your requirements with your business in mind. Device cost is very low. Implementation costs are also low – more on save money

Improved management – Smart, connected devices are able to keep track of a high numbers of variables and accurately report on them. The biggest benefit is that you’re able to build structural reporting into your own business model and most importantly you’re able to do it autonomously. Reduces human errors while saving time and increasing cost efficiencies. Everything is stored allowing you to create more comprehensive reports than ever before. Monitor real time, identify problems and compare historical data.

The best part is the technology is cheap enough to place on anything you want. You can now literally track a wheelbarrow on a construction site and tell where it is, who is using it and how many times it moved from one end of the site to the other.

Solutions Development

TechThrive exists to demystify and apply the principles and technologies of IoT, to create practical, convenient solutions.

Through a highly connected network of devices that can be deployed for thousands of applications, businesses are able to create systems that function in complete harmony with one another. Here at TechThrive, we want to enable the best parts of technology for businesses to gain maximum benefit. We understand business while also speaking tech jargon. Our solutions team can spec out and design a fully autonomous network of devices that fits into your strategies.

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