Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

TechThrive’s IoT device division is a full service electrical engineering firm. We design and build fully compliant battery powered IoT devices of all sorts.

Building an IoT Device

TechThrive designs and develops our own battery powered IoT devices from the ground up.

Proof of concept & design

We are business minded. Prior to embarking on any complex IoT dev ice build we will thoroughly investigate the market, technology required and potential solutions to ensure product sustainability. Since all our device builds are self funded this is an essential step for us to not only build good devices but so that we can do so with the confidence that the market will receive then positively.Our engineers will prepare an inexpensive simplistic version of the desired sensor to demonstrate a sound business case and to practically use the devices sensor in its anticipated environment.Rapid prototyping is often done using simplified hardware with a basic array of sensors or a dev kit of commercially available components. We prefer dev kits as this step allows us to quickly get going without wasting unnecessary coding.

Solutions Implementation

SigFox, LoRa, BLE and NB-IoT. Selecting the right technology sometimes depends on factors unknown to ordinary users. Our engineers will offer advice as to which technology should be implemented and then design the ideal network. We also implement all IoT network technologies and provide suitable sensor modules.

PCB design and manufacture

Hardware design is one of the more challenging aspects of a device build. As is typically the case we never expect the first build to be successful on the first run. The slightest design issues could cause interference or worse – a piece of hardware that doesn’t work. Fortunately we’ve done this all before and are quite skilled at designing high quality hardware.Once we move from hardware design to manufacture we need to consider device life, usability and manufacturing cost.

Firmware Design

No hardware solution is complete without software. Our firmware team expertly code to be extremely robust, secure and highly efficient. Bespoke hardware design allows for ultimate firmware flexibility. Coding flexibility help us adjust device functionality to suit any client, it also allows us to ultra optimize our code base to be both energy efficient and very durable.Firmware development is magnitudes more difficult than standard software development. Amongst others firmware for an IoT device that’s deployed remotely cannot be updated, fixed or even reset. Where software has a bug the developer can simply update the code – IoT devices do not have this luxury. It is for this reason why we design our firmware to have a failsafe layer to manage all critical aspects of the hardware.

3D Printing & molding and Industrial Design

3D printing allows for a quick and cheap initial casing design. Where small scale quantities are required for specific applications 3D printing is our go to technology.Larger quantities or more casing sensitive applications require deeper thought. We will project manage casing designs, industrial designers and the casing manufacturing process.

Solutions installation and maintenance

How do you prepare thousands of devices for installation? Our team can assemble, test and prepare units for implementation. We can also install and maintain in-production units so that there is minimum downtime.

Energy Management & Harvesting

TechThrive has developed a unique skill set in the ability to manufacture battery powered devices that last longer on a single charge.

Energy Management

IoT by its nature is a battery powered technology. Batteries go flat and need replacing or recharging.

The single largest individual cost of owning an IoT device network is the battery maintenance. Installing new batteries or recharging is highly time consuming and resource intensive. Especially as IoT devices get deployed into more and more remote locations it becomes that much harder to maintain a device.

TechThrive has developed a unique skill set in the ability to manufacture battery powered devices that last longer on a single charge. While it sounds like we use some sort of magic trick to achieve this, the reality is that we spend an enormous amount of time planning our hardware and firmware design to ensure we are the most battery efficient as possible. This amount of attention to detail, really pays off when we find solutions that result in device battery life lasting as much as 20 times longer with the same sensor, battery and frequency of reading

Energy Harvesting

Where hardware and firmware optimizations aren’t sufficient to get the desired battery life we deploy our own Energy Harvesting Module which is a world first.

Energy Harvesting is a giant leap forward for IoT as this practically and cheaply offers ultra long run times for battery intensive sensors or frequently run readings.

Solar and wind are favoured renewable energy sources for outdoor applications, fortunately there are hundreds of other renewable energy sources available, many of which work very well indoors. We offer a full range Energy Harvesting Components. Our modules will harvest energy from their environment to continuously power your IoT device.

Our consulting team can help you better understand battery consumption of your IoT network and offer technologies to optimize battery usage to extend device life and improve overall performance.

Business specific applications

We understand that not all IoT devices work out the box. Specific calculations, frequency of readings or firmware logic needs to be adjusted.

We are very happy to offer a consulting service to make changes to our existing firmware to suit your specific needs.

Business Case concept builds

Custom hardware – under unique circumstances we will take on a project to build a custom device for a client. Please contact us and have a chat first.

Existing IoT Builds

Temperature Probe – highly accurate temperature probe designed to monitor temperature sensitive food and medical.

GPS Tracker –Internet enabled GPS with wifi and BLE for indoor tracking

Warehouse Barcode system – Logistics meets the future. Instantly connect your barcode system to a network to instantly in real time view your warehouse metrics.

Media Monitor – Manage multiple media screens from one place. Push images, video or a website onto your screens.

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