Data Management

Data used correctly can be extremely powerful. The question of what you do with that data is the difference!

TechThirve has an expert team dedicated to data management. Our team comprises of highly skilled and experienced data scientists who have over 20 years of experience with statistical data management.

Why is data so important

Data in isolation is just data! When you start combining loads of different feeds of data, like the types of data you get from many different IoT sensors you can begin to look for patterns.

It’s the patterns that become interesting! Patterns indicate consistency and consistency within a dataset helps us utilize very powerful analytical models.

The world is filled with uncertainty. Where uncertainty exists so does risk? There would be no risk to gamble if you knew the outcome? However, since we know predicting the future is impossible we intrinsically know that predicting the outcome of an event is impossible. Predictive analytics turns this on its head. Data in sufficient quantities can be analyzed and used to make accurate predictions.


No Matter How Complex

Our data management experts can solve even the most challenging problems.

Data Management

IoT Device data supply – agnostic to any other form of technology (ie internet connection or sensor type). Data is valuable which is why we help our clients get the most out of their data. If they have legacy systems in place we can supply raw data that can be processed directly by their legacy systems. Alternatively, we are able to supply a full spectrum of IoT devices or a network of different devices to collect and store sufficient useful data.

Our pre-deployment consulting phase will go through all aspects of your business to create a network of devices that will collect suitable data.

Database Management – Datasets can get large, very large, very quickly. Our engineers will design the database to manage a large amount of incoming data, interlink where applicable and store it for analytical interrogation once the analytical models have been designed.

Statistical and Predictive Analytics – Predicting the next move! This is our primary focal point as this phase yields the largest and most consistent gains for our clients. In this phase, we begin our analysis of the data collected and begin to understand how the data can be utilized. We then build analytical models around the data.

Our team design models to be utilized on a real-time basis for constant data streams or as a once.

Platform Design & Data Visualisation – Our development team will develop an easy to follow graphic interface for your specific needs. Viewing large datasets is hard, viewing expertly crafted graphs is easy. Our graphical interface is also built to be interactive so when you want to dive deeper you can do so with ease.