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TechThrive pet tracker is designed by a tech expert who loves pets. This hi-tech device offers superior technology to help you find your lost pet easily.

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    2 reviews for Pet Tracker

    1. Gavin

      Hi I’m Gavin, CEO TechThrive and I decided to write a review because I am my own first customer. I’ve used others, I understand the technology and most importantly I very dearly love my 3 cats.

      Tracking mode. I don’t need to see where my cats are all the time. I leave the tracker in it’s advanced mode only getting a GPS co-ordinate approximately once a day. If/when I need to track my cats I force a location using the app and walk to that location and then ping it so it makes a noise (also from the app). The sound is much easier to track than a co-ordinate because sometimes my cats are under my house, other times they are in a tree.

      Battery life. I value battery life, with three cats I need to charge trackers often. This is why it’s really great to have a huge 1000mah battery. In advanced mode I get about 8 to 9 days of battery power but I charge it sooner because if my cats go missing I want to know there is enough charge to find them.

      Charging is really easy using the magnetic charging attachment. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge.

      The silicone sleeve works wonderfully as both a collar attachment but also as an anti scratch to keep the device looking new for longer. In-particular with my cats who like to roll around.

      Weight and size. Yes, even I will admit I would have loved a smaller device. However a smaller device means a smaller battery which means more charging. That said my cats are small, the device sits under their neck quite comfortably so it would actually be fine to get a bigger device. 36 grams is nice and light for my small cats.

      I also love the fact that it’s waterproof and the charger is a contact charger which means no rubber seals. When it rains I know my trackers will work just like new.

      If you love your pets, and are worried about them going missing I cannot recommend this tracker more. It is the smallest investment which helps keep your pets safe.

    2. Lizette Scheepers (verified owner)

      The tracker works so well. I have spend thousands on other trackers, that never seemed to work. Leaving me stressed and worried about my cat.
      This tracker is amazing, battery life excellent, location always spot on. Definitely can recommend. Getting one for all my cats!

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