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Have you noticed that during load shedding that your Wi-Fi goes off because there is no power and the cell phone networks become useless. The reason is that everyone who was connecting to Wi-Fi is now connecting to the cell network. However many cell towers are also offline because of load shedding so the few towers that are online get over loaded.

TechThrive’s internet power supply is designed to keep your internet devices online. Our Internet Power Supply powers your internet router(s) directly. This completely removes the need to have an expensive inverter, noisy generator or short running UPS.

Fully rechargeable battery and automatic switch over will keep your internet up for ages.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    How it works?
    Most internet routers use 12 volts of power. Our power supply has a main input and a 12v output which is used by your router. When the power goes down the fully rechargeable batteries are automatically activated giving you long, seamless power to keep your internet online.

    Internet power supply is ideal for
    • People living in a complex.
    • Offices and homes reliant on the internet being reliably available
    • Work from home or remote working occupations
    • Families with school children who remote /distance learn

    What’s in the box
    • Power supply
    • Battery
    • Router Connector cable
    • Mains power plug

    Optional Extras
    • Extra router connector cables
    • Longer router connector cables
    • Voltage adjusting cable
    • Emergency light
    • Connector Adapter pack

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Internet Power Supply

    Maxi, Mini, Maxi – Kit

  • Reviews (6)

    6 reviews for Load shedding – Internet Power Supply

    1. John (verified owner)

      I bought one in September last year and have come back for another. After the last bit of loadshedding I decided I wanted one for home too.

      John – Sandton.

    2. Derrick (verified owner)

      Just some feedback on my experience. An led to indicate power and battery strength would be useful – something like green = power, orange = battery and red = low battery.

      My fibre requires power for the gizmo on the wall, hence it is only used LTE router.

      I have a desk lamp that uses 12v and the same plug. Thus it has other uses.

    3. Sonja (verified owner)

      Eskom power cuts started again. I’m so happy I bought a power pack for my modem. Whenever the power goes down my wifi stays up and I can work.

    4. Hanno (verified owner)

      Just like to give you some feedback. I got the unit set up and internet works :-).

      We will have the second lot of load shedding in 20 minutes so will do some more work and check the functions out.

      Will keep you posted if there are issues.

      Thanks again for the service I am happy. Stay safe.

    5. Colin (verified owner)

      Awesome, it worked, thanks Gavin.

      Now I’m looking forward to 2pm when Eskom loadsheds me again! (no not really)

    6. Peter (verified owner)

      Hi Gavin. Received all your goodies today. This message to you confirms that all is working correctly. Thank you for a great product. Nice product. Simple and efficient for me.

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