Hi, sure we'd like to partner with you :)

Partner with TechThrive

IoT has an enormous amount of potential. Indications are that there will be billions more devices going online in the next few years. We'd like some of those devices to be ours.

Sales Partners

We have a number of self-developed products and solutions that can be sold via a partner network. We are on the lookout for partners who have a retail influence, existing IoT product lines or involved in horizontal markets which is a close match to our products.

Development Partners

Have an idea? We'd like to hear from you. Our team of engineers is able to design units from the ground up which gives us an incredible amount of flexibility while building products and solutions. Developing something new can be very challenging, but similarly very rewarding which is why we would be interested to look at and listen to your ideas.

Supply Partners

Join our sales network and sell your products and solutions. Obviously we'd like a nice chunk of the pie so get in touch with us and give us your best offer. Please also send through detailed product/solution offerings. If you really want to get us excited, send us a demo unit or two.