As businesses struggle to find a new normal it has become clear that part of that new normal involves a massive element of eBusiness. Online, remote business in a contact less, electronic manner. Now, most businesses aren’t geared up for dealing with remote customers yet if they don’t they run the risk of loosing ground to their competitors or missing major business junctions that forever change the nature of the industry.

TechThrive is here to help. As disruptive market specialists we understand technology and understand how that technology can be implemented into business to enhance the overall enterprise. Client growth, automation, staff training and so much more needs to change to keep up with the rapidly changing face of business.


Why is sometimes a really hard question to answer. In this case it’s not. Businesses can gain new markets far beyond their existing walk-in’s by servicing customers using technology while at the same time reducing costs significantly. Stock can be centralised and distributed using courier services without having to deal with one customer face to face. Even service businesses can automate the distribution of their service through automatic means. Wherever a customer interacts with a business their is opportunity to automate.

Our ideal clients

We like disruptive change and can do a lot for your existing business to bring it into alignment with the best business practices at this point in time and prepare your business for the future.

New businesses that need business models that will disrupt existing competitors. As they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results :).

Next steps

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