What are the benefits of TechThrive solutions?

TechThrive approaches IoT from a business friendly perspective and not a technical IT solution. This helps us better understand what the real requirements are and how to solve them using the simplest available techniques.

Flexibility with hardware and software – We are able to develop custom spec hardware, redeploy existing hardware or source new suppliers to achieve the exact results our clients need.

We are able to design a platform specific to your needs or supply you with the data directly so that you may design your own platforms.

Large capacities – our manufacturing facilities can produce in excess of 50 000 units per annum in each product range. Our technicians fully automate the device setup ensuring faster delivery times and fewer failures.

Cheaper – We’re a South African. Our final assembly is done in South Africa allowing us to keep our product overheads to a minimum,   lowering import duties, speeding up time to completion and we don’t need to pay the man in the middle because we own the final device design.

Knowledgeable – We employ senior technical staff who are able to support clients through their entire journey.

New business opportunities – develop new physical or digital products around your existing products and increase revenues. Gain an opportunity to shift existing business models to take advantage of new technologies or create new models to increase profits.

Improve customer experiences – Give your customers more data than ever before about project timelines, locations of their deliveries and even a report on what happened to their stock along the way. Improve standards and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Safety – Operational risk and safety standards can be improved substantially. Track fire extinguisher movements, proximity alerts and so much more.

Transparent resource usage – Utilising resources effectively will have a positive effect on the environment – optimising resource usage will have a positive effect on your profit. Manage resource usage across the board by measuring waste materials, electricity, lighting and industrial heating and cooling systems.

Error reduction – IoT devices don’t make human errors.

Operational efficiency – The biggest benefits to IoT is found in the operational side of a business. Gather data points that were previously impossible to measure and use them to enhance your business operations. Anything from GPS to moisture to temperature can be measured consistently for the benefit of your business. See an almost immediate rise in productivity which will help you make a bigger profit.

IoT is a fantastic business intelligence tool. It allows businesses to gain enormous amounts of valuable data from almost every corner of their business. Improvement management reports and make better decisions using IoT.

How are your solutions better than that of competitors?

We have two clear advantages.

We understand business needs from a business perspective. Our solutions architect is business orientated with a clear understanding of the IT opportunities. Businesses don’t care about the technology; they care about the overall solution. We believe we have an excellent grasp of business.

Our technical team is highly skilled but simultaneously lead by focusing on the business goal. When we design hardware we do so with usage in mind. In that context a GPS alone isn’t satisfactory – we need to focus on practical usage to ensure a stable device. This implies ensuring we optimise the battery, don’t waste resources trying to connect to a GPS while indoors and even finding the device when we need to trace it.

On the surface a GPS device provides a co-ordinate. Our technology team understands the ultimate usage requirements and builds the solution to match the customers expectations instead of the devices specifications.

When we talk about designing a new device we ask ourselves what would it take to make the worlds best device. We strive to achieve that!

Will the solutions be affordable for my customers?

Affordability is key with IoT. We recognise that bigger installations will imply thousands of units being deployed over a short period of time. Imagine a large warehouse, they would need many thousands of devices to be attached to each pallet.

IoT is a maturing technology so overtime the cost of devices, connectivity and the platform will reduce significantly. Although the price point has dropped satisfactorily for large scale business usage to begin happening.

Affordability of the device is one part of the economical scale – the cost and impact to the business needs to also be taken into consideration. If a business considers the operational gains and potential growth in revenue and profits as a result of implementing IoT technology then the affordability equation shifts dramatically in favour of implementing the new technology. We should also consider that the cost of the device is once off with a lifespan of multiple years. Ongoing usage costs include keeping the device connected to the internet and monthly platform costs.

How can TechThrive improve my home / lifestyle?

Loved one monitoring

We have a micro GPS which can be attached to pets or watch with a GPS which can be used for kids and the elderly.

I have a whole host of ideas but haven’t yet written them down. This is a near term future project.

What industries do you serve

All industries can benefit from IoT.

What products does TechThrive sell

The differentiation between a product and a solution is actually quite complex.

In our case the product is the IoT device with connectivity and a platform (the platform is optional). When we make a sale we will send an invoice for a specific item even though the recipient will be planning on using it for their own solution.

We have many different devices; GPS tracker, Micro GPS, Temperature probe, Light meter, Movement etc… If you want a very complete list of what is needed look at the different types of sensors under the what is a device heading above!

Each device will have a set price and operate in a specific way. We still need to write up a product spec for each of our devices.

Solutions are where it gets complex.

Take the MicroGPS as an example. It also contains a button and an accelerometer. Below is a short list of different solutions that could be achieved with the MicroGPS alone;

  1. Pet Tracker
  2. Elderly and children monitoring
  3. Panic button
  4. Disguised GPS or GPS key ring
  5. Emergency services response (Fire extinguisher, break glass for key (fire or medical related), fire hose, movement in medical emergency kit, NSRI life saving buoy)
  6. Hotel Room service or in room emergency
  7. Personal security – door monitoring
  8. Impact alert which could be good for vehicles
  9. High value stock management – GPS
  10. GPS zones for repetitive movement counting
  11. Delivery package shock and location monitoring
  12. Door bell
  13. Laptop tracker (built into the unit).